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Additional Description [ More Info ]

Auto Multi Posting
  • Post an offer to all the competitive trade boards in the world, simply with one click.
  • Your offer shared and replied by huge group of global market traders.
  • Convenient and fast way to promote your opportunities. Only Tpage.com can make this service.

Directory Prime Listing
  • Literally, primary opportunity to list your company, catalogs & offers at the first top of the category in each of Company Directory, Showroom & Offerboard!
  • Imagine your company will be the first ones shown to the potential buyers and Traders in priority among the 120,000 Company network!
  • Make sure they are not individuals but Companies, associated by 50 employees per each! It's certainly better than Yahoo, Lycos, or Google, etc. !

Offer Prime Listing
  • As mentioned above, your offers will be the first ones shown to the potential buyers as they Click on the category in common for the offers and leads related to your business.

Showroom Prime Listing  
  • Post Tpage e-Catalogs, which certainly include clear images and specific description of products, on the first top of main category, search result among all other catalogs in Showroom.

World Trade Expo Listing  
  • List your booth & catalogs at online expo!
  • Tpage World Trade Expo is 24 hours, 365 days open Online EXPO participated by only Tpage Platform Service members.
  • In part of Tpage World Trade Expo, there are Theme EXPO and Vertical EXPO.
  • Theme Expo is designed as the exhibition for specially selected theme products to attract more visitors and buyers.
  • Vertical Expo is the exhibition by industry sector. Specific industry firms may rent the pavilion or a Company can recruit vertical participants to process exhibition.

Booth & Catalogs
  • Booth Create and edit an electronic booth (Homepage) for participating in the Tpage World Trade Expo and expanding your trade career to Online trade business.
  • Catalog Create and use numerous e-catalogs at My Expo.
  • You can post Tpage e-Catalogs which certainly include clear images and specific description of the products. Tpage Platform Service member's Catalogs will be placed on the first top of the main category among all other catalogs at Showroom and World Trade Expo.

Site Submitter
  • Your company homepage will be submitted, exposed, and also searched at the main global search engines.
  • This advertises your company to the national market traders.

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My Tpage Features [ More Info ]

  • My Offer Offer Cabin
    • Enabling you to create, edit, and store your offers as many as you want, which provides the convenience and speed for posting Offers instead of going through the creation process every time you post an offer to Offerboard or use Auto Multi Posting.
  • My Offer Offer Bookmark
    • Save 10~100 offers which one is interested from Tpage Offerboard to send inquiries or RFQ later.กค My Offer Offer History - Manage 100~50 offers which one has sent and received through Tpage site with one's business partners.
  • My Offer Offer History
    • Manage 50~100 offers which one has sent and received through Tpage site with one's business partners.
  • My Inquiry Exchanges
    • Manage 500~2000 incoming and outgoing trading documents such as inquiry, RFQ, Quote, Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order, Letter of Credit.
  • My Product Add Product
    • Manage 50~500 product information and send certain product information to trading documents automatically.
  • My Mail Send e-Mail
    • Send e-Mail 10 times a day to 10~100 persons simultaneously
  • My Mail Sent Folder
    • Manage sent mails up to 100 mails.
  • My Mail Address Book
    • Manage 100~1000 addresses of one's trading partners. One can save some of Tpage member company information into address book with one click.

    Exposing Advantage
    • There are currently 120,000 company members visiting and their page view hits 30,000 daily at Tpage.com. Your priority in exposure of the trade leads on the site certainly gains the greatest advertising effectiveness and opportunity.

    Credibility & Reliability
    • By the following above factors, credibility and reliability of the company will be highly distinguished from other regular company members.

    Tpage Platform Priority
    • You will have first priority of acquiring all the upgraded and newly designed Tpage trade services and upcoming advertising events.

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