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Tpage.com offers our members 3 kinds of Advanced Trading Platform Service: Premium, Basic and POP , which are distinguished by the limiting access to each service. Tpage Platform Service streamlines the international trading processes, allowing service users to manage various trading procedures in a convenient and easy way. From Tpage Platform Service, users have full access to every function and service of the Integrated Personal Internet Trading Service, My Tpage. [More about My Tpage]
For more information, please refer to the Service Classification Chart. [Service Classification Chart]

  • Please select one of these 3 Services by clicking on the Service Type.
  • Only Tpage Company Members can apply for this Platform Service. If you want to change your member type to Company Member, go to [Change Member Type]

Tpage Premium Service

US$ 399 / Year
  • Full access to Tpage Platform, My Tpage.
  • Recommend to very active medium & small sized companies
  • Recommend to professional traders with large amount of items
  • Recommend to businessmen with lots of trading partners
    [Service Classification Chart]

    Tpage Basic Service

    US$ 199 / Year
  • Considerable access to Tpage Platform, My Tpage.
  • Recommend to regular visitors to Tpage.com with ongoing trading business
  • Recommend to medium & small sized trading companies.
  • Recommend to traders with not a few kinds of items
    [Service Classification Chart]    

    Tpage POP Service

    US$ 49 / Year
  • Popular service level of Tpage Platform, My Tpage.
  • Recommend to small trading company
  • Recommend to traders with small amount of items.
  • Easy to apply for upper level service according to the company's growth
    [Service Classification Chart]    

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